Saturday, 26 November 2011

Save our Libraries campaigners give two cheers after council debate

The "Save our Libraries in Wokingham" campaign is not sure whether to celebrate or not after the Conservatives agreed to revisit their decision to outsource the Borough's libraries the private sector.

Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey, who spoke for the campaign at the council meeting which discussed the petition opposing privatisation, said "We were right to be worried about the future of the libraries, because the only example of a council which has handed their library service over to the private sector is turning out to be a disaster. Eight out of 11 libraries there are threatened with closure. That's not what we want in Wokingham."

Anthony Vick, co-founder of the petition, who also spoke at the meeting, said "By getting so many signatures on the petition, we forced the Council to hold a debate. I am pleased that the outcome of that debate was that councillors will be reviewing their decision on libraries, a decision which was made, without any consultation, immediately after the local elections last May. But during the debate it became very clear that the Conservatives were more interested in calling us scaremongerers than in addressing our fears. They must think through the impact their decision would have on libraries, librarians, library services and residents. Libraries are such an important part of our communities. The council must get this right."

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Today's The Day Of The BIG Council Debate

A BIG thank you to everyone who signed our petition. In the end we managed to get 2,374 signatures.  It was handed in to the council in September by Anthony Vick, Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey and Prue Bray.

The large number of signatures was easily enough to pass the threshold for getting the petition debated at a meeting of the whole council.   This is the first time that a petition has had enough signatures to force such a debate in Wokingham.

The debate is taking place on THURSDAY 17th NOVEMBER at 7.30 pm during the Council meeting at the the Wokingham Borough Council offices in Shute End, Wokingham.   We hope that as many of the people who signed the petition will come as possible to see what the outcome is.

Rachelle, Anthony and Prue will be at the Council offices from 7 pm to greet people and to explain what will happen in the meeting.  But if you would like to know more beforehand, please get in touch by emailing the Save our Libraries in Wokingham campaign at

In the meantime you can read press coverage about the campaign on the getWokingham website:

Thank you once again for your support.