Friday, 26 October 2012


This news release was issued today, October 26th, by Wokingham Borough Council:


The future of library services in the Wokingham Borough was discussed last night (October 25)
by Wokingham Borough Council’s decision-making executive.

Executive member for internal services Cllr Pauline Jorgensen said:  “The council has been
working with interested parties in a competitive dialogue process to see if there are ways that
we can work with the private sector to improve the library service we offer.  The result is that we
haven’t been convinced there will be enough benefits for our library users to continue with the
process.  We also don’t want to take the risk the key objectives would not be achieved for our

“Wokingham Borough Council is committed to providing a good library service and we are one
of the few councils who have recently opened a new library.  We want to make sure our libraries
continue to meet the needs of today’s users and local communities and will work with them to
explore options to improve the service.  This will include looking at how we can link in or work
with other services such as sports, leisure and culture.  We will also work to ensure we are as
efficient as we can be.”